A clothes dryer is NO DOUBT one of the most used (and most power-hungry) appliances in your home. It's also essential for making sure you have clean clothes for work or school. Who has time to clean out the dryer duct? Don't Worry! Let the Dirt Busters Clean Your Dryer Duct.

Here's the deal: We'll come out and provide an HD video of the interior of your dryer duct. Clean it. Reassemble it. Inspect gas line for leaks. Clean up.

Time to Complete: 30-60 min.

How Often Should I Clean It?: Dryer vents should be cleaned 1-2 times a year in Southern California, larger families with four or more members will do more laundry loads a week and thus require more frequent dryer vent cleaning.

Signs To Look For? You may notice the dryer takes multiple cycles or longer times to dry the loads, the clothes are excessively hot at the end of each cycle, the dryer gets noticeably hot while it's running, lint starts to accumulate around or behind the dryer, or laundry room feels excessively humid and warm.

Now The Details: Valid only within 15 miles of zip code 92805. Extra fee for repairs and rooftop vents. A fee of $25 applies beyond the service area, with restrictions. Valid for residential customers only. Valid only for single-family dwellings: homes, townhomes, and twin homes. Additional fees may apply for vents clogged with bird or squirrel debris/nesting. Extra fee for clogged or wet dryer lint. Limit 2 per person.

Dryer Duct Cleaning

Improve performance, prevent a fire, save money, and look good while doing it. Let the Dirt Busters handle it!

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