2 Cleaners for 3 Hours


Here's the deal:
2 pros w/ cleaning supplies for a minimum 3 hr cleaning service.  This package is recommended for small to medium size homes. If you think we can be of service go ahead and purchase this package. Geographical restrictions apply. 

Cleaning Can Include:
-Exterior of appliances
-Floor (vac + mop)
-Carpet (just vac)
-Ceiling fans
-Light switches
-Tub(s) + Shower(s)
-Door handles
-Door frames
-Sinks & faucets

**Hard surfaces disinfecting after the cleaning process optional.**

Blinds/shutters are cleaned with a feather duster. If the blinds require a full detailed cleaning, please let us know so we may provide you with the approximate cost/time as blinds can require a long amount of time to properly clean. Due to ins. regulations, we cannot hand-clean anything that is not easily accessible with a 2-step ladder.

Refund or Cancellation: Please note when you purchase online you’re not booking your appointment. One of our representatives will call you with our availability. If for any reason you require a refund there will be a $30 refund charge.

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