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Dirty air ducts can lead to a variety of problems for your family, ranging from allergies to vermin sneaking indoors. Get your air ducts professionally cleaned by the Dirt Busters

Here's the Deal:
Removing, cleaning, and reinstalling off all air vent registers
Air duct inspection prior to cleaning
Thorough cleaning of all air ducts under negative HEPA filtration
Electric soft bristle brush agitation of all ducts
Cleaning and vacuuming inside intake or cold-air return
Installing all new filter(s) and cleaning furnace - additional vents at $39.00

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We give a damn!

Whether it's you home or office, we'll take every care, we'll communicate, and we'll do our very best to make your cleaning experience awesome.


Best carpet cleaning guys in Fullerton for sure. Amazing value and even nicer guys. Couldn't have had a better experience.

Louis D, Fullerton, CA

Loved working with dirtbusters last week! Cleaned all my carpet and sofa. Super affordable and the dudes showed up on time.

Sam, Irvine, CA

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