Our Mission

Our goal at Dirt Busters is simple: To provide the finest cleaning experience in Orange Country. Period

Because we see this as our mission, we offer:

Industry-Best Equipment: Our trucks, cleaning products and custom cleaning tools are the best that money can buy. We never skimp on equipment, because we’re committed to quality.

Industry-Best Training: Our lead technicians have been thoroughly trained by the IICRC, the most reputable cleaning & restoration association in America. 

Industry-Best Work Standards: Because of our company’s commitment to quality, Dirt Buster technicians put in the effort required to provide thorough, exceptional service

Who We Are

Dirt Busters,Inc.is family owned and operated cleaning firm. Located in the heart of Orange County, we strive to be the very best in the cleaning industry. But not just any cleaning company, an green cleaning company. Mike believes in a cleaner future, a cleaner environment. And it starts with us. We don't use harmful chemical nor harsh fragrances to clean your home or office. We use Eco-friendly cleaning products that are high quality and environmentally safe products. Using these products is good for you, good for us and good for the environment. Did someone say vinegar! 

  • Friendly, customer service oriented

  • Consistency of service — on-time, reliable and always trustworthy

  • Reasonable prices for level of service and use of environmentally friendly products

  • Family and pet friendly

  • Premium care of clients' belongings

  • Organized and efficient

Client-Focused Service

While we insist on equipment and training excellence, the company succeeds because  it provides superior, client-focused service. This service commitment includes promptness, honesty, and authentic communication, coupled with a passion for providing total client satisfaction.